9/11 Fallout and Economic Sanctions

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9/11 and the “War on Terror”

“… The unequivocal provocation which represented the 9/11 terror attacks affected 80 individual nations, in terms of victims amidst the unmitigated carnage.

What was revived as a result reflected decades-long alliances as former and current allies rekindled a sense of brotherhood and solidarity as the United States, the world’s foremost military and technological, economic power, was attacked on its domestic turf in non-military, civilian theatre, to general horror and condemnation. Sadly for the perpetrators, this was but a mere drop in the ocean to the massive blitzkrieg civilian bombing raids of World War II, and there was an undoubted sense that the reigniting of quasi-WWII-Allied resolve and determination to find a combative, yet largely peaceable response – particularly against blatant acts of violence against innocent civilians and humanity – had been seriously underestimated.

What was unleashed as a result could quite justifiably be maintained to be the single greatest financial threat invoked on the funding of would-be rogue actors and their illicit activities, as the many tools available to restrict and seize what were deemed to be illicit funds or transactions – were dynamically optimised to inflict the most damage in cross-border, extra-territorial fashion. With the US government already poised to arm its Treasury with further legislative means to set about the task of causing major financial constriction to known rogue elements, the efforts were strengthened by a notional coalition of vested interests of multiple countries and regional, global bodies – all intent on ensuring that such atrocities would not be regularly repeated…”  … p. 52