US Sanctions Summary – April 2022

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US Treasury OFAC Sanctions Targets – April 2022

4/5: Russia-based Hydra, world’s largest darknet market, and ransomware-enabling virtual currency exchange Garantex. Combined sting: US Justice Dept, FBI, DEA, IRS CI, DHS plus cooperation with the German Federal Criminal Police (bka), who shut down Hydra servers in Germany, seized $25M in Bitcoin.

4/6: Sberbank, 42 Sberbank subsidiaries, joint stock company Alfabank, 6 subsidiaries, and 5 vessels, family supporting Russian President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Security Council members, Putin facilitators

4/7: Major Russian state-owned companies: 1/ Alrosa, world’s largest diamond company – also sanctioned by Canada, UK, New Zealand, Bahamas

4/7: Russia: US State Dept designates: 2/ United Shipbuilding Corporation. Along with re-designating USC, the Dept of State designated 28 subsidiaries, 8 board members

4/11: EIRE/Ireland: Kinahan Organized Crime Group, 7 key members, including Irish leaders Christopher Kinahan Sr, Daniel Kinahan, Christopher Kinahan Jr, 3 associated businesses. Combined sting: USA Eire/Ireland EU UK: US Treasury OFAC, DEA, State Dept, US CBP, Irish Garda, UK’s NCA,Europol

4/11: Western Balkans – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Montenegro, North Macedonia: 7 individuals, 1 entity for destabilizing behaviour in Western Balkans

4/20: Sanctions evasion network of 40+ individuals, entities led by USA designated Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev, Russian commercial bank Transkapitalbank TKB, TKB subsidiary Investtradebank, 10 Russia-based subsidiaries of US sanctioned virtual currency miner Bitriver AG

4/20: US State Dept action re Human Rights Violations: visa restrictions on 587 Russian individuals; USA designation of 3 Russian officials; visa restrictions on 48 individuals in Russia-controlled Donbas in Ukraine and 17 individuals in Belarus