US Sanctions Summary – March 2022

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US Treasury OFAC Sanctions Targets – March 2022

3/1: South Africa-based ISIS organizers and financial facilitators

3/2: Additional steps to strengthen compliance with Russia-related sanctions

3/3: Russian Oligarchs bankrolling Putin and Russia-backed influence actors

3/4: Hizballah/Hezbollah financiers in Guinea

3/11: Kremlin elites, leaders, Oligarchs, and family for enabling Putin’s war against Ukraine

3/11: Russian individuals, entities supporting North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs

3/15: Russians connected to gross Human Rights Violations and leader of Belarus Lukashenko

3/16: US Depts of Treasury and Justice launch multilateral Russian Oligarch task force

3/17: Alain Goetz, (based in DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo) network of companies in Belgium, Uganda, UAE, DRC, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Seychelles re illicit Gold trade

3/17: Russian elites, proxies, and Oligarchs task force ministerial joint statement

3/18: Los Huistas (Guatemala) drug trafficking organization with ties to Mexican cartels

3/21: Sudanese Central Reserve Police for Serious Human Rights Abuse

3/24: Russia’s Defence-Industrial Base, Russian Duma, members, Sberbank CEO

3/25: 6 individuals for raising funds in UAE to support Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorist group

3/25: Military leaders, military-affiliated cronies and businesses, and military unit prior to Armed Forces Day in Burma/Myanmar

3/30: Key actors in Iran’s ballistic missile program

3/31: Sanctions evasion networks, Russian Tech companies enabling Ukraine war