SWIFT ban on Russia and why this hurts

Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine has led to international outcry and condemnation – with China an isolated nation refusing to criticise Russia. The sanctions response has already been somewhat comprehensive from the US and Western allies, but a SWIFT ban for Russia – the veritable “mother of all sanctions” has not been imposed. There are […]

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions…

Why Sanctions are so important and why everyone is talking about them. The Ukraine-Russia crisis will lead to major repercussions due to the strength of US sanctions and their potential negative impact on post-COVID-19 global recovery. Particularly as the globalised economy is so dependent on Russia for energy supply and commodities trades. That said, Russia’s […]

Fed, ECB’s QE-driven inflation – who blinks first?

Enormous, unsustainable QE continues unabated which means that Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan continue to expand M2 monetary supply on an (unfunded) basis post-GFC and post-COVID. RRP reverse repos data tells the chilling tale of central banks continuing to expand monetary supply, leading to massive inflationary trouble down the line. The key […]