Fed, ECB’s QE-driven inflation – who blinks first?

Enormous, unsustainable QE continues unabated which means that Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan continue to expand M2 monetary supply on an (unfunded) basis post-GFC and post-COVID. RRP reverse repos data tells the chilling tale of central banks continuing to expand monetary supply, leading to massive inflationary trouble down the line. The key […]

Boom Bust Spectre Looms Large In Geo-Political Disarray – Biden and Xi’s policy errors have global ramifications

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping might seem the oddest of bed fellows in policy terms. Yet the global economic havoc their policy mis-steps – in tandem – are causing is of profound concern. Rather than “looking for the next Lehmans moment”, let us consider the actual ramifications of what is occurring in real time.

Back in SPACs

During the last two years, investors and financial institutions have experienced a global pandemic that has seen equity markets crash, interest rates further decrease and corporate dividends slashed. The result of these market conditions has drawn investors back towards the SPAC phenomena as they have sought to identify lucrative opportunities away from traditional asset classes.