OFAC Training


Course covers but tailored to each client’s specific requirements:

  • OFAC expectations and requirements in various situations
  • Penalties or dangers of lack of OFAC understanding
  • Transactional requirements
  • SDN Lists – understanding
  • Transactions
  • Software
  • Enhanced OFAC Due diligence
  • Compliance functions
  • Directors and Company Liabilities
  • Fundamental Risk-Based Approach via:
  • Management Commitment
    • Risk Assessment
    • Internal Controls
    • Testing & Auditing
    • Training


Capability to understand what is required from OFAC, how to comply with OFAC and how to construct robust programmes without losing sight of the company’s ability to carry out business in local and global jurisdictions.


Courses are delivered either online or at the client’s office.

Contact us direct to discuss further or for group discounts on Iain@SanctionsAML.com