US Sanctions Summary – June 2023

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US Treasury OFAC Sanctions Targets June 20236/1: Sudan – Military-linked firms fuelling both sides of Sudan conflict
6/1: Iran, Turkey – IRGC operatives re assassination plots in US, ex-US
6/2: Iran, UAE – Iran & UAE Dubai based Arven Cloud
6/5: Russia – Intelligence-linked malign influence actors targeting Moldova
6/6: Iran, China, HK – Int’l procurement network re Iran’s military, missiles
6/6: Mexico – CJNG’s arms trafficking, fuel theft, MoneyLaundering
6/15: NorthKorea, China, Iran – Procurement agents supplying North Korea missile development
6/16: Mexico – Transnational human smuggling organization
6/20: SouthSudan – 2 South Sudanese officials re conflict-related sexual violence
6/20: Sweden, Latvia: Swedbank Latvia fined $3,430,900 for 386 apparent violations of Crimea sanctions
6/21: Burma – Ministry of Defense, regime-controlled financial institutions re Russia
6/23: Russia – Intelligence officers re election influence in US, ex-US
6/27: Russia, UAE, CentralAfricanRepublic – Gold companies funding Wagner, Wagner facilitator