US Sanctions Summary – May 2023

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US Treasury OFAC Sanctions Targets – May 2023

5/1: Poloniex – $7,591,630 fine to settle potential civil liability for apparent violations of US sanctions on Crimea Cuba Iran Sudan Syria: Jan 2014-Nov 2019

5/2: Syria, Turkey – US, Turkey target Syria, Turkey terrorist financing facilitators

5/4: Sudan – US Executive Order imposing sanctions re destabilizing Sudan

5/9: Mexico – 4th member of Sinaloa “Los Chapitos”, fentanyl supply network

5/16: Russia – Ransomware actor Matveev re attacks on US police, infrastructure

5/17: Unilever, Murad  Unilever’s Murad fined $3,334,286, ex-Sen Exec $175K re Iran sanctions violations via UAE Jan 2014-Nov 2019

5/19: Russia – US Treasury OFAC sanctions 22 individuals & 104 entities in 20+ nations, targets sanctions evasion. US State Dept sanctions c. 200. US Dept of Commerce expands export controls, adds 71 to Entity List

5/23: North Korea – Malicious cyber and illicit IT worker activities

5/24: Somalia – 26 al-Shabaab-linked US targets: 15 financial facilitators, 4 charcoal smugglers, 7 assoc companies

4/30: China, Mexico – Enablers of counterfeit, fentanyl-laced pill production

4/30: Syria: Financial facilitators under US Caesar Act for aiding IRGC, Hezbollah